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10 June, 2024

SVICCAR Nursing Team celebrates Nurses Week with splendor and enthusiasm

The Nurses Week celebration at SVICCAR highlighted the International Nursing Council's focus on the economic and societal value that nurses bring to healthcare systems. Filled with engaging activities and recognition, the celebration honored the nurses' contributions and commitment to patient care.

The Nursing team at Sri Venkateswar Institute of Cancer Care & Advanced Research (SVICCAR) recently came together to commemorate Nurses Week, celebrating the indispensable role of nurses in healthcare. The celebration unfolded with a series of events highlighting the theme for the year as declared by the International Nursing Council: "OUR NURSES. OUR FUTURE: The Economic Power of Care.”

The week-long celebration began with an inauguration ceremony featuring esteemed guests, and a prayer dance performed by the nursing team. Capt Jeslin S Prabha, Nursing Superintendent, SVICCAR, welcomed everyone, and shed light on the significance of Nurses Day, paying homage to Florence Nightingale. Following her, Chief Guest, Dr Sudha Rani, Principal of College of Nursing, SVIMS – Tirupati, unveiled the theme of the year, emphasising the pivotal role of nurses in shaping the world economy through their compassionate care and dedication.

The ceremony witnessed the Nurses’ Pledge led by Ms Jemi, followed by inspiring messages from the Management Committee of TCCF, SVICCAR & RCHRC. The celebration continued with symbolic gestures such as cake cutting ceremonies at both RCHRC and SVICCAR units, symbolising unity and shared purpose. Ms Smarita Das, Nursing Superintendent – RCHRC, extended a gracious Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants and organisers.

An academic session featuring speakers including Ms Sudha Devi and Ms Banashree, among others. The session emphasized the importance of valuing and empowering nurses for sustainable healthcare. The session was held at RCHRC Ranchi with virtual participation from SVICCAR.

A series of competitions including quizzes, poster-making, impromptu speeches, and Best out of Waste challenge showcased the talents and resourcefulness of the nursing team. The celebration culminated on Nurses Day with acknowledgments of achievements and milestones, and the felicitation of outstanding contributors. Dr Prasanth and Dr Nageswara Reddy awarded Nursing Fellowship Program certificates to nurses, acknowledging their commitment to professional development, while winners of various competitions were honoured with mementos and certificates. Dr Nageswara Reddy, in his capacity as a judge, commended the participants on reinforcing the spirit of innovation and excellence within the nursing community. The Day Care department also received an award for their exceptional patient care.

The week-long celebration served as a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions of nurses to society and underscored SVICCAR’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and empowering its nursing workforce for a brighter, healthier future.

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