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The SVICCAR team before starting the surgery
21 July, 2023

Conquering cancer for the second time

Successful treatment at SVICCAR enabled 76-year-old Lakshmi N, triumph over cancer for the second time in life

After experiencing persistent vaginal bleeding and white discharge for over a year, 76-year-old Lakshmi N (name changed to protect privacy) from Kadapa finally decided to seek  medical help,  as the ayurvedic treatment she was seeking only offered symptomatic relief. Subsequent medical tests revealed a grade II endometrial cancer.

However, this was not Lakshmi’s first encounter with cancer. In 2004, she had undergone treatment for breast cancer comprising a left modified radical mastectomy.

In 1968 at the age of 21, she underwent upper right lobectomy due to pulmonary tuberculosis.

Determined to defeat cancer for the second time, Lakshmi was admitted to SVICCAR for a series of surgical interventions in May 2023. These procedures included exploratory laparotomy, type I extra fascial hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO), bilateral pelvic node sampling, and omental biopsy.

Lakshmi and her family stayed strong through the surgical procedures and post-surgery tending of wounds and limb strengthening exercises, which helped her condition to stabilize leading to faster recovery. High protein diet prescribed by the medical team also aided in recovery.

When Lakshmi was discharged, she was eager to get back to normal life.

Her inspiring story stands as a testament to the transformative impact of medical science, patient resilience, and compassionate care. Her story is a powerful reminder of the incredible role that inner determination and a positive mind-set can have on one’s health and recovery, regardless of age.

A patient consulting the doctor
Embracing a better quality of life

Subamma P managed to reclaim her independence, thanks to the exceptional care received at SVICCAR

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A new lease of life
A new lease of life

With affordable cancer care at SVICCAR, Lakshmi R was able to regain her health and confidence